Posted in Explanation with tags , , on February 3, 2010 by Tania Sheko

Gentlemen, welcome to our Forensics Blog.

You’ll see links to your own crime’s ‘Evidence Board’ on the  right hand side of this page under Blogroll. Use these separate blogs to upload and discuss evidence, tell your team what you’ve analysed and discovered and how it affects your case. Also read the evidence analysis postings of your team members and respond to their assertions and summaries. Question the explanations when you’re not satified, use the information to add to your own understanding and suggest conclusions, further areas of investigation or how the information helps you to solve the case.

If you have any general queries for me about what you’re doing, learning, analysing etc or something you don’t understand in your research, post it here (not your Evidence Board) if you can’t ask me during class. Happy Evidence posting and analysing gentlemen!